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Karl and Gertrud Eischeid launch the KEIL Werkzeugfabrik

Karl and Gertrud Eischeid

What Steve Jobs can do, Grandpa Karl has been able to do for a long time. The first drills are produced in the garage, the office moves into the children's room in the family home. Even back then, the name KEIL represented the values of family and community - KEIL, short for Karl Eischeid from Loope, a district of Engelskirchen.


Out of the garage into the first company building

Success demanded space. The company gets its first own location, the children get their room back. Later, production is expanded several times.


The undercut anchor sees the light of day

A customer has a problem, Grandpa Karl has the will to solve it. With inventive talent and expertise, he develops the undercut anchor and the associated drilling system. Some scoffed that he was creating a loss-maker, but Karl believed in his product.


The anchor proves itself in practical tests

Every new technology needs courageous people to try it out. In 1990 builders rely on the undercut system for the first time to fasten façade panels. They are rewarded with quality and durability.


Time for something new: The second generation takes over

Family business means responsibility. Karl’s daughter Petra and her husband Jürgen Bergfelder have been working at KEIL for years. Now they assume responsibility for management.


Off to new shores as KEIL Befestigungstechnik

In the beginning there was drill production, but the successful product undercut anchor demands more attention. KEIL Befestigungstechnik and KEIL Werkzeugfabrik are officially separated. From now on, KEIL Befestigungstechnik is completely on its own.


The third generation

Every twenty years, there is a generational change in the family business. Gerda Söhngen takes over the business from her parents Petra and Jügen Bergfelder.

She brings Christian Schmidt on board as a sparring partner. Under them, KEIL treats itself to a makeover.


Move to Olpener Strasse

New bosses, new location, always Engelskirchen. The new headquarters, merging production and office building shows what KEIL can do: The ceramics façade is a ventilated rainscreen façade with KEIL undercut anchors.


KEIL celebrates 30 years of undercut technology

If you do the maths carefully, you can see that 32 years have passed since Grandpa Karl's invention in 1988. Unlike with façade fastenings, KEIL is not as precise when it comes to celebrating.


KEIL's façade anchor is award-winning

Safety is most important when fastening façades. When others recognise that KEIL does a good job at it, all the better. The team is happy about the award as Brand of the Century and the German Innovation Award.


Aus bester Familie

Our story is published in the volume "Aus bester Familie" (engl.: "From the best family").


KARL takes off

Named after our founder, our self-cutting anchor KARL has been shaking up the facade market since 2023. It got off to a flying start at BAU 2023 in Munich.


German Stevie Award

"Successful generational change in the tandem model and above-average success thanks to unconventional and unconditionally honest approach"


Employer of the future

Under the patronage of former Federal Minister Brigitte Zypries, the GERMAN INNOVATION INSTITUTE FOR SUSTAINABILITY AND DIGITALIZATION presents the award, WORKERS OF THE FUTURE.

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