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Depth control guide

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Depth control guide


  • Inspection of the undercut hole.
  • Monitoring of the life time of the façade drill bits.

Possible applications

  • Depth control guide fitting for the insertion depth of the undercut anchor


  • Depth control guide with feeler gauge


  • For measuring undercut holes in uneven
    panel back sides we recommend using the
    3 mm washer in combination with a 3 mm
    longer depth control guide.
  • * depth control guide for square anchor

Instructions for use

  • Use according to inspection instruction and according to approval and depth control guide information.

Inspection of the undercut hole

For inspecting all significant dimensions of the drill hole, setting the insertion depth and monitoring the life time of the façade drill bits. Every KEIL undercut anchor has its own depth control guide with feeler gauge.

Step 1

Place base of depth control guide in undercut drill hole.

Test 1

Insert bolt to stop.

Test 2

Push in feeler gauge between panel and depth control guide base. If the bolt now cannot be pushed in to the base, the drill hole is in order.

Depth control guide can be pushed to stop although feeler gauge has been inserted.

Error: Drill hole not deep enough.

Depth control guide cannot be inserted without feeler gauge.

Error: Drill hole too deep or lack of undercut.

Assembly aids

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