Undercut anchors

KEIL Undercut Anchor

KARL Undercut Anchor

KARL® setting tool

521 800 ---

Setting tool with 6.3 mm bit drive

Further dimensions on request

Product information

  • The KARL® setting tool is available in various designs to match the KARL® undercut anchor and KARL® drill bit.
  • Adapted to the respective setting depth of the KARL® undercut anchor, it makes undercutting quick, easy and safe.
  • Reaching the setting depth is indicated by the O-ring attached from the outside.
  • A commercially available cordless drill is used for this purpose.

For façade panels made of e.g.:

  • Fiber concrete
  • Fiber cement
  • High pressure laminate (HPL)
  • Compressed fiberboard

Instructions for use

  • Application according to KARL® assembly instructions.
  • The setting depth is ensured by using the appropriate setting tool.
  • For use with commercially available cordless screwdrivers.

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