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Reveal attachment set FA 60

555 500 ---

Aluminium L-bracket and 2 serrated washers and optionally with two KEIL anchor sleeves, grub screws and locknuts or two KEIL anchor sleeves, hexagon socket bolts and locknuts

further dimensions on request


L1 leg length [mm] = 60 x 60
L2 centre distance [mm] = 35
B leg width [mm] = 40
t leg thickness [mm] = 5

Product information

  • For the installation of reveal panels on façade nut panels, KEIL offers the reveal angle fastening with or without the undercut anchor.
  • This fastening was developed under the aspects of exact and fast assembly as well as particularly easy handling.
  • Place the reveal angle on the drilled facade panel.
  • The anchor assembly is carried out as a pre-insertion assembly with the threaded pin. The grooved washer is fixed with the locking nut.
  • Alternatively: Insert anchor with screw or hexagon socket bolt and lock nut and grooved washer through the slotted hole into the undercut hole and tighten.
  • KEIL undercut anchors are externally monitored.


For the non-visible, rear fastening of reveal or lintel slabs.

  • Natural stone
  • Artificial stone
  • Cast stone
  • Ceramics
  • High-pressure laminate (HPL)
  • Plastic
  • Fiber cement
  • Glass ceramic

Instructions for use

  • The screwed in threaded pin must fit flush with the tip of the anchor sleeve.
  • Use according to approval and KEIL assembly instructions for anchors.
  • Please find documents with relevance to building regulations under certificates.
  • Relevant technical assessments and consents are available on request.
  • Assembly tool (e.g. screw-in tool) on request.
  • Nut with locking teeth in A4 quality

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