Undercut anchors

KEIL Undercut Anchor

KARL Undercut Anchor

KARL® stop drill bit

522 900 ---

Carbide drill bit

further dimensions on request

Product information

  • The KARL® drill bit made of carbide is available in the respective length, matching the KARL undercut anchor.
  • The KEIL drilling technology is a guarantee for optimally short drilling times, long service lives and exact drill hole geometry.
  • The KARL® façade drill can be replaced in a resource-saving way by removing it from the stop and replacing it with a new KARL® façade drill.
  • The KARL® façade drill is clamped with the associated stop in a receptacle of a cordless drill or a CNC machine.


  • Fiber concrete
  • Fiber cement
  • High-pressure laminate (HPL)
  • Compressed fiberboard

We would be happy to test the usability of our undercut anchor in your material as well.

Instructions for use

  • Application according to KARL assembly instructions.
  • The drill hole depth is ensured by using the KARL depth stop.
  • For use on the construction site, it is recommended to use a cordless screwdriver.
  • In the case of industrial prefabrication, the drill can also be clamped in a CNC machine without the KARL depth stop.

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