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Portable drilling machine KBDV

532 502 001

Portable undercut drilling machine with
vacuum base

Product information

  • KEIL portable drilling machines are used for mobile drilling and undercutting of small batches, infill and special size panels.
  • The portable drilling machine is placed in an optional position on the façade panel and firmly connected via the vacuum base.
  • Exact positioning can also be achieved via stop rails.
  • The KBDV portable drilling machine has been developed for water cooled drilling with KEIL diamond tipped façade drills.
    • The simple handling is supported by the low weight of this handheld machine and allows for its use on the building site.
  • Panels of any size or weight can be drilled efficiently and undercut precisely.


For drilling and undercutting.


  • Flushing chuck
  • Drilling chuck
  • Vacuum base
  • Venturi nozzle
  • PRCD
  • Electrical water locking
  • Stop rail

Instructions for use

  • Rotational speed adjustable up to approx. 6,500 rpm.
  • Usage of the cooling lubricant 532 500 035 will prolong the life time of the diamond tipped façade drill bit significantly and protect the parts covered in cooling water from corrosion.

Possible usage

With KEIL diamond tipped façade drills.

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Depth control guide

Assembly aids

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