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581 000 023

Chuck P, variant G 1/2"

Product information

  • The chuck can be attached to any available drilling or milling plant (mount according to customer's demand).
  • Several connection requirements have to be fulfilled for the KEIL chuck P with pneumatic deflection to be mounted to existing machines.
  • The rotational speed of the shaft must be appox. 6,000–7,000 rpm. for water cooled drilling with the diamond tipped façade drill bit and approx. 2,000 rpm for drilling with the carbide
    tipped façade drill bit. Bearing at zero clearance and flawless running of the dill shaft are requirements for a precise undercut and a long lifetime of the façade drill bits. Locking in the
    different feed directions is required as well.
  • For drilling with the diamond tipped façade drill bit, water is supplied through the drill shaft (water pressure > 4 bar). We recommend the use of a water filter in order to avoid possible water outages, which may lead to unsoldering of the diamond surface.

To be carried out by the customer:

  • Screwing chuck in or inserting it into the collet chuck.
  • Mounting spin-lock for chuck.
  • The chuck can be controlled either mechanically or programme controlled, depending on the machine. For the mechanical control, a KEIL pneumatic unit has to be mounted, which is controlled by an end switch for starting the undercutting process.


  • Chuck for mounting to suitable drilling / milling / CNC machines.
  • Pneumatic deflection of the façade drill bit.
  • Drive G 1/2“
  • Water supply through shaft
  • For drilling plants
  • With integrated support and throttle check valve.
  • Façade drill bit not included.


  • For drilling and undercutting.

possible applications

  • With diamond tipped KEIL
    façade drill bits.

Instructions for use

  • Usage of the cooling lubricant will prolong the life time of the diamond tipped façade drill bit significantly and protect the metal parts covered in cooling water from corrosion.

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