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Screw-in tool for stud bolts

585 300 01-

Screw-in tool for stud bolts

Product information

  • The screw-in tool limits the scew-in depth of a threaded pin into an undercut anchor.
  • The threaded pin is inserted into the tool and screwed into the undercut anchor up to the stop.
  • The integrated hinge in the screw-in tool ensures that the threaded pin remains in position in the undercut anchor when the tool is unscrewedf from the pin.
  • This ensures that the threaded pin is mounted flush with the tip of the undercut anchor. The correct screw-in depth has to be monitored.
  • The individual protrusion has to be determined for every combination of undercut anchor and threaded pin length.
  • For further information please refer to the assembly instructions.


  • Assembly aid for undercut anchor BH with threaded pin.
  • 1/4“ bit drive DIN 3126 - E 6.3


  • Please specify the insertion depth of the undercut anchor and the length of the threaded pin with your order.

Instructions of use

  • The protrusion is to be determined individually according to the lengths of the undercut anchor and the threaded pin.
  • Please observe KEIL assembly instructions for anchors.


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