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532 800 010

Circulation water supply

Product information

The stainless steel water container with two chambers collects the cooling water and returns it to the system with steady pressure ready for drilling and undercutting with diamond tipped façade drill bits.

  • The bore dust will settle due to the two chamber system. The filter makes clean cooling water available at all times. The filter control will indicate, if the filter needs cleaning resp. changing.
  • The strong, industrial pump will ensure a constant supply pressure, even if several drilling machines are connected.
  • Usage of the cooling lubricant 532 500 035 will prolong the life time of the diamond tipped façade drill bit significantly and protect the metal parts covered in cooling water from corrosion.


Circulation water supply for one / several KEIL undercut drilling machines.


  • Stainless steel two-chamber water container
  • Strong industrial pump Filter control
  • incl. Fu switch and Y connector


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