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Product information

  • The KEIL undercut unit for drilling plants is the optimal automated unit for drilling and undercutting.
  • Nearly all available drilling and milling systems can be retrofitted with this unit.
  • The undercut unit will receive the diamond or carbide tipped
    façade drill bit, depending on the panel material.
  • As soon as the preselected drilling depth has been reached,
    the drill head will be pneumatically deflected for undercutting.
    When the diamond tipped façade drill bit is in use, water will be
    supplied centrally through the shaft.
  • The KEIL undercut unit is carried by the carriage of the machine with frequency controlled engine, allowing for the egine's
    rotational speed to be adjusted to drilling with the carbide
    tipped façade drill bit (approx. 2,000 rpm) or with the diamond
    tipped façade drill bit (approx. 7,000 rpm).


  • For drilling and undercutting

Possible applications

  • For drilling and undercutting

Spare parts

  • Chuck HSE
  • Flushing head HSE
  • Fastener set 2
  • Fastener set 3


  • For drilling plants with flushing
  • Dimensions:
    500 x 110 x 170 mm


  • 2,100–8,730 rpm.
  • Driven by frequency converter (not included in delivery)

Spare parts

Assembly aids

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Assembly aids

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