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Diamond Tipped Facade Drill Bit G 1/2

515 020 001

Diamond Tipped Facade Drill Bit G 1/2


  • Diamond tipped

  • Wet drilling

  • For all "hard" materials, e.g.

  • Ceramics

  • Porcelaine stoneware

  • Natural stone

  • Glass

  • Artificial stone

Central cooling through the façade drill bit.

Instructions for use

  • Use according to approval and KEIL assembly instructions for anchors.
  • Please find documents with relevance to building regulations under certificates.
  • Adjust the insertion depth and monitor the life time of the façade drill bit with the aid of the depth control guide.
  • CNC machines with G 1/2“ tool holder.
  • CNC controlled undercutting
  • Recommended rotational speed > 7,000 rpm.
  • Water pressure > 4 bar
  • Usage of the cooling lubricant 532 500 035 (p. 49) will prolong the life time of the diamond tipped façade drill bit significantly and protect the parts covered in cooling water from corrosion.

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