Undercut anchors

KEIL Undercut Anchor

KEIL Undercut Anchor KH CA (Plug-In Anchor)

555 720 ---

Anchor sleeve and reduced threaded bolt from stainless steel A4

D1 = drill hole Ø
D2 = undercut Ø
h = panel thickness
SW = shaft spanner gap
XA = anchor hex

Product information

  • The KEIL plug-in-bolt in connection with the KEIL undercut anchor allows for the attachment of natural stone panels without any substructure.
  • The retaining and load-baring bolts are attached to the back side of the panel with
    the aid of the undercut anchor.
  • The holes drilled into the substrate are filled with permissible mortar.
  • The plug-in-bolts on the façade panel are inserted into the filled drill holes.
  • The façade panel is adjusted and fixed. After the temperature-related setting time, the panel is anchored safely and without expansion pressure. With/without insulation.
  • Single panels can be replaced subsequently.
  • High degree in safety due to the optimal distribution of the weight load.
  • The correct screw-in depth is warranted by the system.
  • KEIL undercut anchors are monitored externally.


  • Natural stone
  • Artificial stone
  • Manufactured stone
  • Ceramics
  • High Pressure Laminate (HPL)
  • Synthetic material
  • Fibre cement
  • Glass ceramics

Instructions for use

  • from l4 > 90 mm surface grooving onwards Use according to approval and KEIL assembly instructions for anchors.
  • Please find documents with relevance to building regulations under certificates.



further dimensions on request

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